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Book a Trip

Booking a trip though Red Monkey Travel is easy. We offer two ways.

Online Booking

1. Complete the "Trip Application" form.
2. Complete the "Release of Liablity" form.
3. Click on the PayPal logo below to place your deposit. You will be asked for the recipient's (receiver's) email address. Our online payment address is: payment@redmonkeytravel.com.
Note: PayPal currently limits each transaction to a maximum of $2000. Repeat the process if the total deposit exceeds this amount.

Conventional Booking

1.Download and print the ?A href="http://www.redmonkeytravel.com/trip_application.pdf" target=_blank>Trip Application?form. Complete the application.
2.Download and print the ?A href="http://www.redmonkeytravel.com/release_of_liability.pdf" target=_blank>Release of Liability?form. Please review, initial and sign where indicated.
3.Mail the Trip Application and the Release of Liability forms, along with a $300 per person deposit to:

Red Monkey Travel
23086 Espada Drive
Salinas, CA 93908

Regardless of which method you choose, upon receipt of the materials, we will contact you to confirm receipt, verify accuracy of all information, and forward your PreDeparture Packet.
We recommend you download and print the ?A href="http://www.redmonkeytravel.com/terms_and_conditions.pdf" target=_blank>Terms and Conditions?page. Please review carefully and keep a copy for your records.

Questions? Hit the "Contact Us" link at page bottom!


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