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Why Red Monkey Travel?

Our philosophy is simple and is based on three things we have learned while traveling not only in China , but all over the world.

First, the more you spend on a trip, the more you isolate yourself from the local culture. Our trip packages are designed to let you experience the culture of China ; see the sites, smell the smells, taste the flavors, and enmesh yourself in one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. We position our trips between the dollar-scrimping agony of backpackers and the high-priced package tours.

Second, we only travel in small groups of no more than 8 people. You won't be on and off a bus every day, being shuttled from tourist site to tourist site, hounded by souvenir vendors, and eating at "westernized" Chinese restaurants. You don't just "drop into" a local Chinese restaurant with 30 foreigners. Small groups give us the flexibility to participate in activities impossible to do with large groups.

Third, all of our trips are fully staffed by full-time bilingual tour leaders ready not only to assist, but also to explain the history and culture of China. Our company is based in China , but established and managed by North Americans.

Unlike most other travel companies operating in China, we don't do 15, 20, or even up to 40 different trips. We only offer four trips.. These tours are designed to give you the broadest exposure to the culture of the country in the shortest amount of time.

Our trips strive to provide a balance of structured activities with free time to explore on your own. A Red Monkey trip will give you the flexibility of individual travel without the headaches of constantly searching for places to stay, standing in lines at ticket offices, and wondering where and what to eat.

We think it's the only way to travel!